WASHINGTON - Rep. Sam Farr, D- Carmel, released the following statement after the House of Representatives voted 285-144 to open the federal government and to raise the country’s debt-ceiling. The Senate voted earlier today, 81-18, on the same measure:
“Two weeks after the extreme members of the Republican Party orchestrated a shutdown of the federal government, cooler heads have finally prevailed. Since the beginning of this manufactured crisis I, along with other members of my party, have been calling for a vote to open the government. Tonight, we got that chance.
“Let’s be clear: This should have never happened. Congress should never neglect its responsibilities to the American people, especially not to satisfy the unreasonable demands of a few ideologues. Since day one, the votes were there to keep the government open and to pay our bills. The Tea Party’s strategy to dismantle Obamacare by holding government funding hostage never had public support and it was reckless of the Speaker to pursue it.
“The deal we reached today reopens the government; putting millions of Americans back to work and restoring access to services the public relies upon. However, it only provides funding until the beginning of next year. Rather than repeat this in just a few months, I hope the Speaker listens to the majority of us in Congress who want to work together to pass a long term budget. It is time to end these destructive games, restore sanity to our legislative process and put our country back on a path to fiscal stability.”
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